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50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING ends today
50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING ends today
Smart Coaster™
Smart Coaster™
Smart Coaster™
Smart Coaster™
Smart Coaster™
Smart Coaster™
Smart Coaster™
Smart Coaster™

Smart Coaster™

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No Need To Reheat Your Coffee Ever Again!

Do you struggle to keep your cup of coffee or tea warm for a long time, when you are working at your desk or reading in the library? Okay, Smart Coaster is the best gadget for this, especially as the colder months approach 



Made to keep your beverage warm so you don't need to get up to keep re-heating your cup. Working away at your desk and forgot to drink your hot cup of coffee? The Smart Coaster™ is designed to keep you cozy like never before.

Zenith™ Smart Coaster is a heating coaster that will keep your drink warm for long time. It comes with high-quality heating elements  that distribute the heat properly to keep the drink warm. The Mini-LED Display, shows the temperature of the Coaster.




✅ EASY TO USE  the Smart Coaster™ is such a convenient product to own. It is lightweight and small, allowing you to use it in the home or office. Its compact size makes it easy to store on a shelf or in a bag.

✅ SAFE AND RELIABLE is what makes the  Smart Coaster™ remarkable. It is made up of high-quality plastic material, safe and non-toxic, odorless, and healthy.

✅ EASY TO MAINTAIN is the motto of the  Smart Coaster™. When you are done, simply wipe the surface, unplug and put away. 

✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE  such as work-from-home office spaces or corporate office spaces. The  Smart Coaster™ keeps your beverage at a constant temperature of 131°F/55°C giving you that perfect drinking temperature.



Want to find a convenient way to keep all of your hot beverages from turning into cold brew? Then look no further because the Electric Mug Warmer™ has got you cozied up. Rather than reaching for the microwave or burning your tongue on too-hot coffee from a thermos, have the Electric Mug Warmer™ bring you warmth and comfort with no hassle at all.  




 "I take forever to drink my coffee and I always end up drinking it cold. But, with this coffee warmer that is not the issue anymore. Very happy and pleased with it. I didn't even know something like this existed."

Jessica Barrett 


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Since we are so confident that you will absolutely adore the Smart Coaster, we are offering a 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, simply contact us and ask for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, for a limited time only, we are offering FREE shipping worldwide!

 How do I power the lamp?

The Smart Coaster™ is powered with a USB with makes it easy to use anywhere

What size is the coaster?

The Smart Coaster™ is 124mm by 26mm

Will it make my drink hot?

no, the coaster is designd to keep your drink warm

What kind of cup of mug should i use?

The smart coaster workes best with flat bottom cups or mugs